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Holiday Gift Guide - American Wool Edition

What better way to say I love you than with something warm, comfortable and made in America! A lot of people ask me where the best place is to find American wool items, well here is my list! Let's support more companies that use American wool in their products!

1. Faribault Woolen Mill - Sara's pick: American Flag Throw

This historic mill is nestled along the Cannon River in Minnesota, a nearly 150-year-old story is still being woven. The Faribault Woolen Mill endures as one of the last vertical woolen mills in America. Here, fifth generation craftspeople take raw wool and create blankets, throws, scarves and accessories of remarkable comfort and quality.

Um? Hello gorgeous! How beautiful are these throws? This woolen mill, while I have never had a tour (yet) makes amazing wool blankets, throws, scarves (so cute) and more. I literally want one in every color and design. Next time I am in Minnesota I will be making a trip to tour this amazing mill. Wool blankets are a perfect gift for ANYONE.

2. Duckworth - Sara's pick: Women's Powder High Neck, and Men's Vapor Hoodie

Duckworth is the world’s only source-verified, single-origin, Merino wool apparel company. 100% Made-in-USA.

You truly cannot go wrong with any product from Duckworth. I started with their base layers when the company first launched a few years ago, then something amazing happened... I made my husband buy me the Powder High Neck sweater and my life has changed. I have owned it for less than a week and have worn it everyday. My fellow sheep friend Kim Jacobs has the same one and swears its the greatest thing she has ever owned, and coming from her... that says a lot (love you, Kim). The Men's vapor hoodie is so light weight and can be worn in winter or summer. Trust me once you buy a Duckworth product you won't stop. Share the love and buy some for your family too, at least the family members you really like. You can't go wrong with any of their products, I pinky promise, and I take pinky promises VERY SERIOUSLY.

3. Farm to Feet - Sara's pick: ALL THE SOCKS!

Farm to Feet is committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US materials, US manufacturing, and US workers. With its supply chain completely within the U.S., Farm to Feet is able to ensure the highest quality materials and end products, while having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Not all wool socks are created equal, most are made with imported wool. If I am being picky yes I would prefer if you wore American sourced wool socks! These Farm to Feet are AMAZING. One year I was gifted an "everyday" wool sock and HOLY SHEEP! You can wear wool socks during the rest of the year, not just winter! They are LIFE CHANGING. Honestly, if you don't own wool socks we cannot be friends. They wick away moisture leaving your feet DRY and they are odor resistant. LADIES, BUY YOUR MAN SOME WOOL SOCKS, your nose will thank you later. And while shopping, throw a pair (or two) in the cart for yourself. Wool socks are the perfect stocking stuffer!

4. The Nugget Company - Sara's pick: Lambskin Rug

Our American raw material is sourced through Nugget International. Nugget International is located in the heart of sheep and lamb country in Greeley, Colorado. Producing over one million American lamb skins per year, Nugget International supplies The Nugget Company and other tanneries all over the world with premium selections of salted, dried and baled American sheep and lamb pelts.

Lambskin Rug, THE PERFECT GIFT! Seriously every wedding, baby shower, you name it, they get a pelt! They add a touch of elegance and softness to any room. Great for chairs, on couches, or as a rug in a baby room. Once you buy one you’ll be looking for reasons to buy more. Plus, for $80 you can’t beat it.

5. TOLT Yarn and Wool - Sara's pick: YOTH yarn

All YOTH Yarns are milled in the US, and dyed at Saco River Dyehouse in Maine. Father, Mother and Daughter are also spun of 100% American wool. At Tolt Yarn and Wool we have been privileged to witness the development and flight of YOTH yarns.

DISCLAIMER: I don't know anything about yarn (I KNOW, I KNOW, I'M A TERRIBLE SHEEP RANCHER) however, what I have learned over the years is this: Whatever TOLT is selling, BUY IT. This specific YOTH line is amaze-balls, yes that is a technical term. If you have someone in the family that enjoys knitting you will look like you really know what you are buying when you gift them with this American made yarn...just make sure you buy enough that they make you a sweet sweater or scarf *wink wink*.

6. Mountain Meadow Wool - Sara's pick: wool dryer balls

To revitalize the American wool industry, preserve the West, and create American made high-quality products through eco-friendly operations and fair prices for Ranchers.

Did you know that fabric softner and dryer sheets will kill you? I mean, maybe not right away, but they definitely are not good for you, or the environment. Become a better person, use wool dryer balls. Schweddy balls no more! Once you start using these wool balls you'll never go back. Great gift or stocking stuffer!

7. Sundance Sheepskin and Leather - Sara's pick: Slide Sheepskin Slippers

Established as a family business by Barry & Jean Anderson in 1971. Now, more than 40 years later, we pride ourselves in still being a small family owned and operated business. We hand make all of our products in a small workshop in our small Colorado mountain town of Guffey. All Natural US Shearling Sheepskin Slipper. We Use Only the Highest Quality, Extra Thick Sheepskins from Western US Ranches.

You know that ONE person that you NEVER know what to get them EVERY DAMN YEAR? We all know that person, maybe that person is you... but you know what everyone loves, even that hard to shop for person? You guessed it... slippers. And don't go buying those cheapo china things that make your feet sweat, get the GOOD ONES, the SHEEP SKIN ONES, omg my feet are yearning for these babies.

8. Voormi - Sara's Pick: Thermal Neck Gaiter

A high performance natural fiber based apparel brand built around the remote and rugged lifestyle of the Southern San Juan Mountains. Wholly manufactured in the US, and produced exclusively with our own proprietary fabrics, we’re working hard to push the performance limits of natural fibers far beyond where they've ever gone before.

Listen, I am telling you this as a former Californian... you don't know cold til you've been in Montana for a winter. One of my MUST HAVES to survive this snow globe is a neck gaiter. Don't ask questions just buy one for yourself or for someone you know that has to live in an artic tundra known as anywhere but California or Florida. They'll thank you that first snow fall. Its a winter necessity you didn't know you needed til you don't have one. Great for men and women.

9. Green Dirt Farm - Sara's pick: SHEEP CHEESE

Green Dirt Farm was founded by Sarah Hoffmann in 2002 with the goal to create a sustainable small farm business making sheep's milk cheeses. In 2008, after years of learning the art of cheese making and sheep dairying, our cheese kitchen and dairy buildings were officially licensed to sell cheese commercially.

Ok, I know... this isn't wool related but guess what? THIS IS MY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE AND SHEEP CHEESE IS MAKING THE LIST! I started following Green Dirt Farm on Instagram a few years ago and one day a very nice UPS driver dropped off a package of cheese. THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD I HID IT FROM HENRY SO I COULD EAT IT ALL. That is what we call "fat girl status" and I am not ashamed! The great thing about Green Dirt Farm is they have a Holiday package and you can ship it directly to someone! BE A HERO NOT A ZERO! SHIP THE ONES YOU LOVE CHEESE!

10. High Five Meats - Sara's pick: Lamb Lover's Package

Ok, sue me a little self promotion never killed anyone. This suggestion has two sides, I can only deliver to the Billings area since I cannot ship (at this time) So, find yourself some local (or at least AMERICAN) lamb and serve it over the holidays. I will personally tell you how to cook any cut you buy (as long as its USA lamb). Lamb is sexy, lamb is sophisticated, lamb is cool. Do yourself a favor and be the cool person this Holiday season.


Well folks, that's all I got for now. As always if you have more suggestions please let me know! I love to spread the word of companies that use American Wool... don't be fooled by some, just because it says "Made in America" doesn't always mean it was made with American wool.

Happy Holidays,


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