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Meat Giveaway!

Henry decided that since about 4 people read my ranch posts/updates whatever you want to call them that I should give something away. I said "ok Henry, what shall I give away?" He said "How about some lamb?" I said "sure thing" So here we are... giving away some lamb. Here is how it will work. Guess how many ewe lambs there are in this picture. Yep, easy as that. We will hold the contest open for a few days, either comment on this blog post, on facebook or instagram. Winner will be SHIPPED a box of Hollenbeck lamb to your doorstep (unless you live in the Billings area we can drop off). HOLLENBECK LAMB, PEOPLE! This is good stuff. Can I enter? I love lamb... anyway. GUESS AWAY!!!!!!! If a lot of people guess and we feel like giving more things away, the person that guesses the second closest will receive some honey (made from the hives on the ranch), and third place will recieve a pocket knife.


ewe lambs.jpg

If you are interested in other things than free meat here are some photos from the guys sorting the ewe lambs - also getting an official count. I'm sure they were very tired from counting so many sheep... see what I did there? Counting sheep? zzzzz....

ewe lambs 2.jpg
sort ewe lambs 3.jpg

It was also negative degrees this day and I swear I was suffering from frost bite on my right hand (clicking camera hand) I have no idea how the guys worked outside all day, I thought I had died. The dogs did too, they were enjoying working the sheep but their poor paws were freezing, if you ever see dogs in cold weather in snow they limp around like they have broken legs, its so sad. Here is Shakira (Aderlin named her) and Jax trying to warm their paws up.

paws 1.jpg

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