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This Aint My First Rodeo! Actually, it was...

Henry signed us up for a rodeo event Saturday night. I know what you are all thinking... and no I didnt have to ride, get off or get bucked off a horse a bull or rhino.


Henry signed us up for ribbon roping. Ribbon roping is where they tie a ribbon onto the tail of a calf, the one person ropes the calf and the partner runs and grabs the ribbon off the calf and runs back to the box. Here is our run:

Now, that you have seen that steller performance, I can show you this one. When Henry said he entered us, I asked about 800 questions like; when can I grab the ribbon, where do I stand, what shoes do I wear, who else is competing, am I going to fall on my face... etc. etc. I decided to do a little research and look up some videos on online. This video confirmed my fears and led me to drink:

At least she didn't give up right?? Now when you watch my video you understand why Delon's commentary of "don't fall now Sara" makes sense.

All in all it was fun and if I'm being completely serious my ham strings are sore...pathetic I know. And if I'm being super honest... we did place. Third, out of yep, you guessed it...3


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