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Leg O Lamb

Following recipes has never been my strong suite. When people ask me how I make things I usually say "just kind of threw a bunch of stuff in a pot" which is exactly what I do. Especially living in the middle of no where I can't run to the store for quarter cup of shallots, so I improvise.

With this recipe I use a cast iron pot, searing the meat on the stove top, adding all the vegetables then placing into the oven at 300 degrees for about 3 hours, or until Henry gets inside (that can be up to 5 hours).

I start with whatever fresh vegetables I have in the fridge, so this part can vary everytime I make it. This time I had peppers, onion, brussel sprouts, carrots and tomatoes from my garden I had peeled and frozen this summer.

Next you get your pan extremely hot, you want to get a nice sear to lock in the flavor, at least thats what I've been told to do, and it smells good, so I do it anyways. Once I did not sear my meat and I couldn't tell the difference, but in an effort to be a grown up, I sear. I rub my meat (haha) with olive oil and sprinkle (douse) the lamb in McCormicks steak seasons, garlic and rosemary. You can put whatever spices on you want to. No rules. Be a rebel.

Oh, looks like I added some dried onion too. again, no rules. After you sear all the sides (or not) put all your vegetables in the pot, do it, just throw them in, next GRAB THE WINE!

Pour red wine in pot (you can use chicken stock too if you don't have wine) how much? Well as much as you want which in my case is a bottle minus a glass. I like to drink a glass. Cover with lid (or foil) and put in the oven at 300.

After a few hours take out and check to make sure all is well aka eat a piece off the side

When you get close to the 3 hour mark its time to shred it. Take out the lamb, shred with a fork and put back in the pot until you are ready to serve.

If only you could smell pictures. For a side I like to make a fresh side salad and mashed potatoes to soak up all that yumminess. ENJOY!

What you need:

Leg of lamb

Vegetables (onion, celery, carrot, brussel sproats, mushrooms, etc.)

Red Wine (or chicken stock)

Spices of choice

How to:

throw all of the above in a pot and bake in oven (covered) for 3+ hours

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