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Ugly Sweater Party

A friend posted an article she saw online about a sheep wandering around Omaha, Nebraska in a holiday sweater and then I thought, hmmm... that would be a cute Christmas card! We have had a few whoopsies on the ranch aka baby lambs. We typically don't start lambing until March but we tend to have few at random times aka whoopsies. Whoopsies are my favorite because... baby lambs, hello.

Christmas 2014 pic 4.jpg

I found the sweaters in the dog section and thought, yep, this will work! What do you know? They fit these little tykes perfectly. Momma wasn't too pleased about it since she did not recognize her babies anymore so I knew I had a very short window to get a picture before she flipped out. The lambs on the other hand I think liked them, or I guess what I should say is they didn't care they had sweaters on. After an initial shake they went about their little lamby ways. I followed them around inside the barn for a while then I thought, they would look so cute in the snow! All in all I only had them on the lambs for 10 minutes. I contemplated leaving them on but since momma ewe wasn't happy about it, aint nobody happy. Here are a few other pictures I took from the little holiday shoot.

sheep outtake 2.jpg
Christmas 2014 pic 2.jpg

Christmas 2014 pic 3.jpg
sheep outtake.jpg
Christmas 2014 card.jpg

And there you have it! Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday! Oh, and a few people asked what Henry or the guys (Aderlin, Carlos, Conty, Rolando) thought of me dressing the lambs up in holiday sweaters, well 1-Henry thought it was cute, and 2-the guys already think I'm crazy so when they see me doing things like this they just go about their day, "loco en la cabeza" is a common term for me.

Henry and I will be heading out to California for Christmas, excited to see friends and family!

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