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The Naked Sheep Dance

Its Shearing time! We start shearing our first band (about 1000 sheep) on Wednesday because they will start lambing in about 10 days. Sheep need to be sheared/shorn (whatever) once a year before they lamb so they don’t suffocate their cute little bundle(s) of joy by sitting on them and not knowing they are sitting on them because they can’t feel their little tiny bodies under their four inches of wool…

so long story short, its shearing time. There are also a few other tell-tale signs that it is shearing time.

1. Because I went to Costco and my cart looked like this:

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “where’s the party?” or “can I come home with you” or “how many kids do you have?” I would have about $12 dollars, which in my world is enough money to buy a large Costco pizza. #winning

2. My house is ridiculously clean, like every room and every bathroom… which can only mean we are about to be invaded by foreigners. Hey, sometimes we have to pay people to come visit us and I am in no way ashamed of that. Also, accents.

3. I have the bachelor finale saved on my DVR for said foreigners, cough couch Malcom.... The English dig the bachelor and hey who can blame them? Greatest show on TV!

How long before the new couple break up and what is what the two bachelorette thing? WHAT? Team Kaitlyn. Duhhhhhhhhh.

Anyone not busy Thursday and want to experience life on the ranch, we've got a lot of food, a lot of beer and a lot of sheep.

If it gets cold again we can always put sweaters back on all the sheep.

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