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Winter, Snow, Winter, Snow!

IT SNOWED, like a week ago, but the dang white stuff won't go away! Apparently its a scientific fact that if the temperatures does not rise the snow will not melt, WHO KNEW?

One morning I woke up and it was -14 out. NEGATIVE. I don't know why this surprised me considering the winter we had last year when it reached -26 at one point. Regardless, its cold, its snowy, but most importantly... ITS BEAUTIFUL!


For my wedding gift to Henry I got him a custom made pair of shotgun chaps, when Henry told me wanted a pair since forever I said, "but you don't like hunting" silly me, its not a gun, its chaps for the winter that zip up and keep you warm while riding and/or being a cowboy in general. I however have been wanting a nice camera since, well, forever. So I finally made a decision and picked the one I wanted. If you are in the market for a camera, talk to me, I have suggestions and I know how to save money on the purchase. ANYWAY, Henry took me out feeding one morning after it had snowed (and was -10) I brought my camera and almost had a case of frostbite. Here are a few photos from that adventure.



He is so strong that one...


This is Conty, he does not enjoy the snow and cold. "no bueno" he said.


And then, we saw a coyote! And Henry shot at it, now I'm not sure about his form, but I'm going to suggest my mother do something about that....


Also, we went to Ulm, Montana to the McKamy Ranch Sunday to haul their lambs and I took a few fun pics there too.


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