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TEN Restaurant at the Northern Hotel

Exciting things are happening!

Let me start with a brief back story: The end of September I attended the “Women Stepping Forward for Agriculture” Conference. It was there I met Chef Tim Freeman from TEN Restaurant. He gave a presentation about incorporating local and fresh foods into your meals. He spoke of his experience working with farmers and ranchers in the regions he has lived and worked in the past. He also said something that stuck with me that day, “if you want to get your product in a restaurant, approach them!” As simple as that sounds the act of doing can be quiet frightening. So, I made a brochure, talked prices with Henry and headed out. I guess I did what you would call “cold calling” but not calling, actually walking in, so “cold approaching” I am sure there is a sales term for this and I will feel very silly once someone tells me. That’s how it all started, and here we are now, just two weeks after my “cold approaching” and our lamb is now on the menu of one of the nicest fine dining restaurants in Montana! (the chefs from TEN also came out and toured the ranch but that's another blog post).

TEN started their new menu on October 21 and I of course HAD to check it out since our lamb was going to be on it! So here is my review of our experience, and yes I am totally biased because, hello.

Arrived to the restaurant and I obviously made Henry pose under the sign… He loves me for that one.


The interior is beautiful, deep reds and damask patterned booths were very striking. If someone gave me money and told me to decorate a room, you wouldn’t want to know what it would look like. Imagine beach cottage crossed with hippy vibe mixed with grandma floral prints, ok off topic. BACK TO THE MEAL SARA.

photo 2.JPG

For starters: Henry ordered the Roasted Beet Carpaccio - Roasted Beets, Manchego, Smoked Sea Salt, Rocket Leaves, Fresh Burgundy Truffles, Cold Pressed Olive Oil. It was interesting and delicious.

photo 4.JPG

The mushrooms were a little strange for Henry and to put it nicely he said they reminded him of what a porcupine would taste like. Now, I know Montanans eat weird things, but a porcupine? I said how about we call that an “earthy” taste? He agreed. Henry might steer clear of truffles in the future; I on the other hand will gladly do the truffle shuffle.

truffle shuffle.gif

If you don't know what movie that is from, we cannot be friends.

I ordered the bean soup to start and although it was super yummy, it wasn't as pretty as Henry's beets. BEARS BEETS BEANS (again that was totally off topic but so fitting).

bears beets battlestar galactica

Then we awaited our lamb dinner. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I was about to eat our lamb! And for once it was going to be prepared by someone other than myself! Not only by someone else but a super awesome legit fancy chef! The anticipation was killer.


and then... it arrived


Isn't it just beautiful? It reads on the menu: Hollenbeck Farms Lamb - Locally raised hormone free Lamb Chops, Mint Pesto, creamy Rosemary Polenta

photo 3.JPG

Yes, we realize it says "Hollenbeck Farms" and not "Hollenbeck Ranch" like Henry would like it to, but pick your battles people! I will let the chef know, promise. It's also listed under GAME, which I haven't seen before but hey as long as people order it you could list it under seafood for all I care.

In summary, the lamb was DELICIOUS and well prepared, there was a certain sauce on the lamb that was just divine, I wanted to take a bath in it. The experience at TEN was amazing, service was wonderful, company was great (it was Mike and Eva's 32 wedding anniversary) all in all I am so happy that we formed a relationship with this restaurant. I look forward to working with them hopefully long term!

photo 5.JPG

This is the group of Chefs from TEN that came out and toured Hollenbeck Ranch!

Next time you are in Billings GO THERE! In the meantime you should "like" their facebook page and check out their website with more menu items.

Until next post,

Sara Hollenbeck

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